A selection of Excursions & Attractions in and around Kalmar


City Festival 2017

Kalmar City’s Summer Festival will take place.
The atmosphere around the city is great and there will be a variety of activities and shows in the city centre. Read more about City Festival


Kalmar Castle

A real castle in central Kalmar. During a visit to Kalmar Castle, you will learn more about its history, take part in exciting exhibits and enjoy magnificent architecture. Read more about Kalmar Castle.


Shopping in Kalmar

In Kalmar’s charming city centre you will feel and see the history from past events. The cobblestone streets and well-preserved 1600 century buildings provide a beautiful backdrop to the city’s shops, malls, restaurants and attractions.

A stone’s throw from Öland

Kalmar Camping is located only 15 minutes from the bridge to Öland. Why not take a day trip to enjoy some of Öland’s nature and culture?